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Dear customers, appreciate you using ESAMBER products, ESAMBER products are designed with high reliability, to reduce the users risk and operation cost products are with several intelligent self-protecting and fool proof design; the software for the products are with Chinese and English version, it is friendly and easy to learn, user please operate according to the standard procedure.

If the product is damaged, it is strongly recommend to take the most efficient and economical actions as stated below, this can avoided the costly field service.

1>Record down the failure mode in detail.

 2>Make inquiry to the ESAMBER China Service Center, inquiry telephone: 4000902801

3>Failure of software, please screenshot the failure and saved, in case of hardware failure, if there is any abnormal appeared on appearance, please take down pictures and mail to ESAMBER China Service Center, e-mail address: blanche.tang@esanber.com and cc to esa@esamber.com

4>Fill the application form attached at below and follow the instruction from ESAMBERs service engineer, send the product or its accessory by express to ESAMBER China Service Center, address: No.8,( ESAMBER Science and Technology Park), Yang Ta Road, RungJiao, ShunDe District, GuangDong. China., Recipient: Miss. Tang, Mobile Phone: 15813866358

5>The repairing quotation will send after the failure is investigated, the repairing will start after received of repairing order and advance payment.

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