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             SAMBER is committed to further study on the thermal process, the attention in SMT, reflow solder reflow, wave soldering, selective wave soldering, vacuum steam, semiconductor, solar energy and other industries of intelligent temperature measurement technology, thermal process monitoring technology, heat treatment optimization technology, circuit failure analysis technology, surface treatment technology and related equipment R & D and production.
            Since 1981, esamber in many countries around the world set up branch of research centers, to the German Max Planck Society Physics Research Institute for cooperation in the core of the team, is committed to the industrialization of science and technology, science and technology rapid transformation into realistic productivity, service in heat treatment field, including such as SMT reflow / wave soldering process research, nuclear thermal power research, solar sintering, glue solidified, kiln, food processing, spraying, hot metal processing, ceramic firing and high temperature industry.
            Esamber service center in China is esamber service to customers in Asian regional branches, for vast numbers of SMT, downstream clients, soldering furnace equipment manufacturers, such as the provides welding process test equipment, welding furnace performance testing equipment, school equipment, shortest path problem solutions, welding quality consulting, services, detection and analysis of furnace welding, certification; to advanced technology, rich experience, comprehensive equipment, focusing on service quality, leading the SMT industry the full realization of the soldering process zero defect.
            China set up joint research units: SMT Laboratory of Tsinghua University, CEPREI laboratory, a joint research center of Shandong Vocational College of technology in SMT, Hunan University Communication Research Center, 10 more than units.
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            Huawei, Intel, Valeo, Mindray, Flextronics, Fiberhome technologies, ZTE, Autoliv, the Great Wall, Jabil, Foxconn, Wistron, Shuo, quanta, Delta, Mitac, Inventec, sea energy, Tai Jinbao, Lite, Compal, Alcatel, seed dragon, Hisense, Dell, Vishay, Samsung, Sony, Celestica, Nitto, Elsa, Cologne, Wei, Jin Tuo, Lang Shi, vitronics Soltec, Volkswagen, Yutong, EPCOS, Shennan circuits, Xing Sen high-efficient, China aerospace, space star...